School Rules & Regulations

  • Once a student is enrolled with C.P.S. he/she will be bounded by the rules and regulations of the school.
  • Parents/ Guardians are requested to send their children/ wards with proper educational materials i.e. books, stationery, bag & proper school uniform, etc. It is mandatory for every student to bring school diary everyday.
  • It is necessary for students/parents to submit fully completed admission form in the office at the time of admission and the details filled in the form have to be true and correct.
  • At the time of admission in the next class students/guardians must show the original report card and submit the photocopy of the same while depositing the fee.
  • Every student must be present on Independence Day, Republic Day, last & re-opening days after the summer & winter vacations and long holidays.
  • Students must submit leave application for his/her absence duly signed by their parents/authorized guardians only. In case of long leave, students must come along with his/her guardians and report to the Principal.
  • No student will be allowed to leave the school except in an emergency after getting permission from the Principal.
  • Late comers will not be allowed to enter the school.
  • Student must carry their Identity Card and produce or surrender it when required by the school administration. In the absence of identity card students may not be allowed to enter the school campus.
  • Students without proper uniform will not be permitted to attend the class.
  • Students are expected to respect and handle the school property carefully. In case of any damage, the student will be penalized to the amount of damage caused.
  • Students are not allowed to wear jewelry & carry big amount of money. The School will not be responsible for any of such losses.
  • No mobile phone is allowed in the school. If a student is found with mobile phone in the School campus or in the School Bus, then the mobile phone will be ceased and strict disciplinary action will be taken. Such students may be dismissed from the school as well.
  • The School will not be responsible for the loss of bicycles / motor cycles.
  • The school reserves the right to suspend or take disciplinary action against such students whose performance is found unsatisfactory.
  • Bullying, use of foul and abusive language is punishable which may also lead to expulsion from the school.
  • Parents are requested to provide lunch box to their children. Delivery of lunch box during school hours by parents or their representative will not be permitted.


Indiscipline of students with Principal, Teachers or other school staff and managment will not be tolerated at any cost. Such students will be restricated or suspended from the school and no further communication shall be entertained in such matter.